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WalkerITC Services

WalkerITC offers services in all aspects of Information Technology. Some of our services are below.

ANALYSIS:  Analysis of your facilities to determine your specific business needs and recommend devices and applications to optomize functionallity and productivity.

SERVERS:  Procurement, installation and configuration of servers and server related applications. Troubleshoot and repair existing equipment to optimize performance.

DESKTOPS & LAPTOPS:  Setup, install, upgrade, optimize and troubleshoot all hard-ware elements of a computer. Including: desktops, laptops, notebooks, netbooks, tablets and Macs.

PRINTERS:  Install, configure and troubleshoot printing devices, including: drivers, soft-ware and hardware.

NETWORKING:  Install, configure and troubleshoot all network devices, including: wired and wireless routers, firewalls, switches, VPN, patch panels, cabling and more. Install and troubleshoot network drops.

BACKUPS:  Backups are one of the most critical elements of a network and are often overlooked. A properly configured backup system can prevent unnecessary downtime and expense in the event of hardware failure or a disaster.

VIRUS PROTECTION:  Virus protection and removal services include clean-up and removal of all mal-ware including viruses, adware, spyware and more. Virus protection is critical to any computer that accesses a network or the internet. We are partnered and highly recommend Symantec products.

WEBSITES:  We provide website design and publishing services as well as logo design. We wil also take care of setting up the hosting services.

See the list to the left for more services or products that we service. If you need a service that isnt listed here, please call or email. If it is something that we dont service, we can probably help you find someone that can.

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